About Us


Soul Function® was founded in Saint Paul, Minnesota by two childhood friends that grew up obsessed with cars even before they could drive.

We are true car enthusiasts who have been tinkering with cars and car parts since we were kids. We loved working under the hood on our Mazda Protege and Honda Civic at a young age, inspired by a mix of car forums, the Fast and the Furious and Initial D.

Today, our taste is a little more matured. We believe in premium quality and performance. This principal philosophy is embedded in Soul Function®. As aftermarket parts consumers ourselves, we know what it feels like when vendors and parts miss your expectations.

We’ve spent countless hours on every excruciating detail to make sure our customers are satisfied with our products and service. We’re not just another parts store – we are the Soul Function® experience.

We Live and Breathe Cars. Join us. 



Contact us at support@soulfunction.com or fill out the form below: